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Heist Objectives Get in a vehicle. (Trevor) Drive to the bridge. (Trevor) Go to the vantage point. (Franklin) Protect Michael as he plants the bombs. (Franklin) Plant the first bomb at the bow pillar. (Michael) Plant the second bomb at the first mast. (Michael) Plant the third bomb at the second. 29 oct. 2021 路 The Merryweather Heist is one of the few heists that doesn't require a crew in GTA 5, and the first time we have Michael, Franklin, and Trevor working together. The plan is to steal a secret. A career criminal and former bank robber, Trevor leads his own organisation, Trevor Philips Enterprises, and comes into conflict with various rival gangs and criminal syndicates as he attempts to secure control of the drugs and weapons trade in the fictional Blaine County, San Andreas. 18 juil. 2023 路 Score: Your total take should be just over GTA$8 million with around GTA$ 425,000 - 464,000 going to each of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Heist 4: The Bureau Raid. For the fourth heist, the Bureau Raid, choose Option B (Roof Entry). Take Rickie Lukens as your hacker (using a better hacker will have no effect) and select Norm. Join. Subscribe. 2.1K. 117K views 3 years ago. GTA 5 Series A Funding Heist full game Show more. Show more. Grand Theft Auto V. 2013. Browse game. 26 ao没t 2022 路 Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin meet to discuss the first mission and how they complete the heist without having hassle. Most of the players think the outcomes of Freighter or Offshore are different but that is not true it does not matter who you choose the result Freighter or Offshore to complete the heist the result of the mission are the same for both options . 24 nov. 2020 路 What makes this heist unique is that it is led by Trevor, who aims to sell the stolen drugs. Players shouldn鈥檛 have too many issues even when doing the heist with random people, since the majority of the heist is done on the ground. The only time the Series A Funding heist isn鈥檛 on the ground is during the first prep mission, which involves.